We continually monitor our services and the demands of communities to provide best in class results for all our clients.
Successful management of your community is best achieved when the Board of Directors, it’s membership and our property managers work together.


24-hour emergency service with prompt response time. All non-emergency phone calls are returned within 8 business hours.

Maintenance and vendor services

We conduct monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly site inspections depending upon the association's needs. 24 Hour Maintenance Emergency Service with a prompt response time from either our on-staff maintenance team or your preferred vendors. Our full vendor life-cycle includes specification development, bids, management and monitoring of performance, validation of invoices, and payment to vendors.

Board Interaction

We tailor our interaction with community associations based on the management style of the Board of Directors maintaining full disclosure through our systems and reporting.

Financial management

Board of Director’s visibility to the financial health of the association is key to the successful short-term and long-term life of the association. In addition to our Web Portal providing an active financial status, we provide monthly financial statements prepared on time and in an easy to read format. These reports contain: copies of all invoices, reconciled bank statements, canceled checks, and deposit records. The financial reports are complete with a balance sheet, prepaid and delinquent reports, general ledger transactions, check register, etc. Delinquent accounts are pursued in accordance with the Board of Directors, Governing Documents, state statutes and are executed and documented within our systems to support downstream collections activities, if required.

General services

Our capable staff of LCAM professionals are there to handle all regular board, budget, annual, election and special membership notifications and meetings. They will assist the board, owners and residents through non-compliance, complaints and service requests processes. Additionally, the team provides a bridge to legal counsel when required. Our office staff and financial department manage the owner transfer and lease process, inclusive of the sale/lease applications, estoppels and certifications. These teams provide a personal touch, not only for the Board of Directors, but also for the community membership.

Community information

ADM manages our community operations through an integrated and secured Web Portal, available at . This same portal is made available to the Board and membership to access community information. Based on a tiered security model, document libraries, community calendars, active financial status, vendor information, community contacts, etc. are available on-line.